Sistem Informasi Biaya Operasional Kegiatan TK Sinar Harapan Berbasis Web

  • Imelda Frida. Unsong AMIK Luwuk Banggai
  • Yurike Suhertian Poyungi AMIK Luwuk Banggai
  • Helsi Flisia Telesemo AMIK Luwuk Banggai


The preparation of the Sinar Harapan Kindergarten Operational Cost Report is still semi-computerized, confident of using Microsoft Excel 2007. Therefore performance is slow due to the preparation of the recording report which sometimes occurs data redundancy (repetitive data) in processing so that the information needed is late. The method used in this research is descriptive method and for data collection, namely observation method, interview method and library method. The results obtained in this study are that the input of TK operational costs still uses Microsoft Excel 2007 and does not yet use the system and this results in slow data input and the performance of TK treasurers to be inefficient. Based on the research results obtained, a system was designed to help the treasurer of Sinar Harapan Kindergarten by using the PHP programming language which is integrated with the MySQL database. With the above problems, it is necessary to have an Information System for Recording Operations of Sinar Harapan Kindergarten to facilitate the management and reporting of school fund data every year.


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Frida. Unsong, I., Suhertian Poyungi, Y., & Flisia Telesemo, H. (2023). Sistem Informasi Biaya Operasional Kegiatan TK Sinar Harapan Berbasis Web. Jurnal Ilmiah Sistem Manajemen Informatika Dan Komputerisasi Akuntansi, 6(1), 22-25.
Vol. 6 No 1 Juni 2023
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